I’m A Woman On A Mission!

I am fat, let's get it out there! I've been moderately obese since quite some time (read six years) and have been planning to lose weight. This time, there's no stopping me...

Do It For Yourself

Her lungs were burning, her calves were aching, she was about to give up. "Just five more laps. Five more." Her brain said. "Forget about them, forget about what people say. They don't matter. Do it for yourself. That's what matters the most." Continued her brain. With determination in her heart and goal in her... Continue Reading →

It Is What It Is

As I sit with a glass of red wine (which tastes so damn weird for some reason) and my laptop, I struggle to find words for what I feel right now. You don’t know how much thought I have given to whether I should write something like this on my blog or not. After a... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Neither Here Nor There

After my last novel (whose review I'm too lazy to write), I decided to read a light-hearted and fun book. Someone suggested me Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson and I'm the last person on this Earth to say no to a book suggestion so I ordered the book instantly. Neither Here Nor There is a travel... Continue Reading →

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