What Saturdays Are Actually Like…

You sleep till 12 in the noon. You sulk in bed the ENTIRE day and decide not to take a bath. You make plans with your friends, but eventually, end up cancelling them because you're a lazy ass. You shop online and spend money on things you don't really need. But whatever, you don't care, it'll... Continue Reading →

Obsessing Over Haikus

Thanks to a workshop conducted at the office a while ago, I got to know about this app, HaikuJAM where one can write haikus. A haiku in English is a very short poem in the English language, following to a greater or lesser extent the form and style of the Japanese haiku. A typical haiku is a... Continue Reading →


She had dreams in her eyes, the kind that brightened up her eyes To fly high in the sky...   © 2016 Sonali Pawar. All Rights Reserved.

Busy Adulting

Yes, the image is contrary to the title and you will know the reason behind it in a short while. Well, the thing is, I am ‘officially’ an adult, an adult who earns money. Yeah, I got a job! As exciting it is to get a job and getting ready every (almost) morning, I feel... Continue Reading →


He rolled down the windows of his black phantom to take a last glance of his home, the home he could never come back to because he chose money over family. With a heavy heart and regret filled eyes, he drove off. [Image Source: www.aboutyourmother.com] © 2016 Sonali Pawar. All Rights Reserved.

Pretty Hurts

“Blonder hair, flat chest TV says, “Bigger is better.” South beach, sugar free Vogue says, “Thinner is better.” ~ Beyonce Knowles, Pretty Hurts “It doesn’t matter to people what you think. People will be at your beck and call only if you are beautiful.” She had grown up to the teachings of her mother. Looking... Continue Reading →

Problems with Modern Day Feminism

Some people are of the thinking that all educated women are feminists. I can name quite a few women I know who don’t want to be associated with the term ‘feminism.’ It doesn’t mean that they do not support women rights, they do. But why is it so that they don’t want to be linked... Continue Reading →

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