A Day at Mangaldas Market

The moment you step inside the tiny lobby opposite the Masjid, you enter a whole new world. One with high roofs, low ceilings and rainbow colored fabric pouring out into the alleys where two people can’t walk abreast. You are surrounded by over enthusiastic vendors and brokers calling out to you to stop at their... Continue Reading →

Winds of the Western Ghats

I have always wanted to travel solo, without any supervision and recently I had the opportunity to go on a trip with my friends. I have always been asked if I am an organized traveler or a spontaneous one, and I like to think I am the former since forever. But this two-day trip acquainted... Continue Reading →

The Time I Went to Juhu

Juhu Beach in Mumbai is quite distinguished for its food, celebrities and filth. People say that you get the best Pav Bhaji there (never tried though!) and the typical Mumbai Street type food. The minute you’ll enter the area, there’ll be workers of various stalls, after your life to come and eat at their joints.... Continue Reading →

High on Spirits: Attari-Wagah Border

If you want a high dose of patriotism, do watch the beating retreat ceremony that takes place each and every day at Wagah Border. For those who have no clue what I am talking about, here is a little background. As obvious as it sounds, Wagah Border is a frontier between the countries India and... Continue Reading →

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