Do It For Yourself

Her lungs were burning, her calves were aching, she was about to give up. "Just five more laps. Five more." Her brain said. "Forget about them, forget about what people say. They don't matter. Do it for yourself. That's what matters the most." Continued her brain. With determination in her heart and goal in her... Continue Reading →

Meeting a Stranger

Manhattan Mocha was quite overcrowded for a chilly Wednesday morning. It was snowing outside and a majority of people were seeking shelter wherever they could find one. The café had never been so full of hustle bustle, it was usually quiet inside and that’s what the regulars loved about it. People were talking, laughing, ranting... Continue Reading →

The First Date

She stepped out of the cab and slowly walked towards the café he had chosen for them to meet. It was the first time she was doing something like this. She was a quiet and reserved woman who wanted to open up and meet somebody, which led her to join eharmony, an online dating site.... Continue Reading →

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