A Day at Mangaldas Market

The moment you step inside the tiny lobby opposite the Masjid, you enter a whole new world. One with high roofs, low ceilings and rainbow colored fabric pouring out into the alleys where two people can’t walk abreast. You are surrounded by over enthusiastic vendors and brokers calling out to you to stop at their... Continue Reading →

Body Clock Gone Awry

It has been almost four months since I came to Mumbai to pursue post Graduation and every day has been a struggle. I have been waking up two hours before college commences. Back at home I had a schedule of when to get up when to have food when to sleep. But here, I have... Continue Reading →

A Family Away from Home

You’ve left the comfort of your home, that place which you loved and grew up in. You have left to become a better person, meet new people and experience new things. You have left your cocoon because you want to develop, grow as a person and stand on your own feet. After living in the... Continue Reading →

Living on News

Outfitted in a white check shirt and black trousers, he replies timidly to whatever question he is asked. A little shy to speak about himself, Jai Prakash, a newspaper vendor who sits mostly silently on his worn out stool, prefers to speak only when he has a customer. Jai Prakash proudly tells me that it... Continue Reading →

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