Book Review: Neither Here Nor There

After my last novel (whose review I'm too lazy to write), I decided to read a light-hearted and fun book. Someone suggested me Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson and I'm the last person on this Earth to say no to a book suggestion so I ordered the book instantly. Neither Here Nor There is a travel... Continue Reading →

11 Amazing Book Nerd Charts

So, just a few days ago I was looking for some photos for my previous post when I came across some charts. If you are a book nerd like me, these charts will leave you in splits and I am sure you will be able to relate to all of them. Have a look:      ... Continue Reading →

Five Must-Read Books from My Library

A few years ago when I was out of books to read, I went to the universal problem solver - Google and typed, “10 must read books before you die.” That search made me borrow Emma by Jane Austen and you know what happened? A very unfortunate bookmark is suffocating between the pages seven and... Continue Reading →

On the Verge of Extinction?

I have been reading novels since forever; it’s in my blood. Even if I had tried my best not to read, it would have been impossible as my genes would have forced me to open a book and start reading it. The aromas of both old and new books give me an adrenaline rush, libraries... Continue Reading →

Complicated Yet Beautiful

Back in school my favorite subject was English. Whenever I felt bored or was sick and tired of studying other subjects, I’d find solace in my English textbooks. I have seen my classmates resting their heads on the desk or staring at nothing in particular with droopy eyes. I never understood how anyone could get... Continue Reading →

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