Progress? Or Not?

It’s been a while since I wrote about how well my ‘getting fit’ routine was going. Ah well, what do I say? I lost my working out mojo, guys (if that’s a real thing).

Do I feel bad?

Do I feel guilty?

Do I hate my willpower (or lack of)?

The answer to all the above questions is YES. If dying from guilt was a thing, I’d had a million deaths every single day. The answer is actually quite simple, I’m lazy and I love my bed more than my trainers and exercise mat.

no can do

But, is that going to be the case anymore? Hell NO! Because it’s time to gear up and stop whining.

Oh, I almost forgot – I’m going sugarless! Which means no cookies, no cakes, no sugar with coffee, no pastries and definitely no ice creams or chocolates. It’s been almost three weeks and I feel AMAZING!

I found it surprising but I actually don’t feel like having anything sweet anymore (woohoo brain, we’re making progress!) Today, as I write this piece, I put my hand on my heart and vow to NOT stop working out.

Here’s to a healthy and fit me *cheers* (with a cup of sugarless coffee, of course!)

Image Source: Free Stock Photos/ musingsofalazywriter


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