Book Review: Neither Here Nor There

After my last novel (whose review I’m too lazy to write), I decided to read a light-hearted and fun book. Someone suggested me Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson and I’m the last person on this Earth to say no to a book suggestion so I ordered the book instantly.

Neither Here Nor There is a travel memoir by Bryson where he has written about his eventful and interesting experience of backpacking through Europe.

Let me tell you, I’ve had occasional moments of smiling in public while reading a novel but I swear I’ve NEVER laughed out loud in the public. Bryson is extremely hilarious and one can see it clearly in his writing. His funny take on homicidal French drivers, trying hard not to order tripe and eyeballs in Germany, lack of parking skills of the Romans and trying not to die out of boredom in Switzerland – every chapter will make you laugh.


He starts his journey from the Northernmost city of the world, Hammerfest, where he had gone to witness the Northern Lights and ends at the cusp of Asia, Istanbul. These 22 chapters are full of hilarious quotes from the writer as well as some facts you didn’t even know about these countries.

All of us have these dreamy ideas about the countries and cities we’ve never visited but want to. I did too but after reading this book, I realized that even the places you wish to go to are not that dreamy. I’d have never thought that Switzerland could be such a place as described in the book. (What, you ask? Well, you should read the book to know more about it.)

Bryson has also included some of the stereotypes related to the Europeans but it will bring a huge grin to your face. His sardonic wit and sarcastic observations will definitely make you laugh and also ignite the desire to travel these beautiful places. I strongly recommend reading this book!

Title: Neither Here Nor There

Author: Bill Bryson

Pages: 254

Image Source: Pinterest


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