Ways Your Life Change Once You Start Working

When you landed your first job, you were extremely excited. You got ready on time and made an effort to look good. But now it has been weeks since you started working and it suddenly occurs to you that you’re not a college going student anymore. You have responsibilities and giving lame excuses won’t work here. Here are a few things any person will get who has just started working and has been struggling with the pressure of being an ‘adult’.

1. You’re tired all the time!

You wake up, you’re sleepy, you get to work, you’re sleepy, you come back home, you just want to crash on that oh-so-inviting bed of yours!


2. You make plans…

AND cancel them! By the time Saturday arrives, you just want to sit at home with a nice book or better, SLEEP!


3. You can’t meet your friends when you want to

So there’s some event on Thursday this week? You can just forget about it because that ain’t happening!


4. You pay your own bills

After you start working, you don’t have to be scared about asking for money for your phone bills… You can talk all you want without a worry because now it’s you paying your bills.


5. You’re expected to behave more maturely

And why? Just because you’ve started working? Well, this is one of the drawbacks you face.


6. You become more responsible

You start paying attention to detail because the mistakes you make can land you in trouble.


7. You really come to know what Monday blues are

Yes, we all know that feeling when it’s Sunday evening and depression starts creeping in and you want to cry.


8. You don’t know what late nights are anymore

Because all you want to do is go home and SLEEP!


Gifs: Tumblr

Featured Image: Wallpapercave


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