Of Coffees and Weekends…

As I stood in the kitchen, pouring some hot coffee in the mug, I was transported back to the time I was carefree. The mug itself contained so many memories and the smell of coffee formed a lump in my throat. I wished, “Can’t I just go back to that time where my only worry was submitting assignments before the deadline?”

Weekends used to be the best part of my life while I was in Mumbai. I remember how I used to make coffee for the five of us living in the PG and how we used to sit in the tiny balcony on the third floor. The view wasn’t much from the balcony of our not-so-little South Bombay PG. You could see the twin tower of grant road and smell the breeze coming from the Arabian Sea. Honestly, I used to take my ‘coffee making’ job quite seriously because I was known to make good coffee (sadly, the only bragging rights I have achieved in my life till date). And while sipping on our hot cuppas, we used to talk about everything under the sun like how we missed home and what we were going to do in the future.


Things change, people grow up but friendships remain, I guess. Even now, six months later, as I am sitting alone with my cup of coffee, I am thinking of these six crazy friends I had in a city unknown to me. Breakdowns, getting rejected after a job interview – we were together in everything. One couldn’t see the other person suffering. If you were sad and sulking in the corner of a room, you were forced to dress up and go out with them for dinner even if all of us were a bit short on money! This was the kind of support system we had…

I am not going to lie, I miss it. I miss everything.

And now after all these months, as we stay in different cities, working full-time jobs and cribbing about the work we do; we make sure that we talk to each other. The conversations might have converted into sad or funny snapchat messages or whatsapp texts, but it’s there. The support system is there and it continues to motivate all of us.

Sometimes I wish I could travel through time like Tim lake from About Time and experience something I loved twice, even if it’s just for a few minutes…

Images: Weheartit



  1. This probably is going to be my last year in Mumbai. Your blog post is only making me worry about how much I shall someday miss this city!
    Keep Blogging.

      1. Well, I took my time to fall in love with Mumbai. It’s a city you take time to love but once you’re in love with it, it becomes a permanent part of you. I started to like Mumbai when I started to read people’s opinion of Mumbai. In a way, I can say that people’s opinion of Mumbai made me love Mumbai. That’s strange though but that’s how it’s. Haha.

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