What Saturdays Are Actually Like…

You sleep till 12 in the noon.

You sulk in bed the ENTIRE day and decide not to take a bath.


You make plans with your friends, but eventually, end up cancelling them because you’re a lazy ass.

You shop online and spend money on things you don’t really need. But whatever, you don’t care, it’ll be worth it once that pretty package arrives.

You eat and eat and eat and surprisingly you are still hungry.

You think of reading but end up spending time on YouTube or watching a movie.

need help

Then you cry over how fat you are and send a sad snapchat to your friends,

they laugh at you and call you a ‘loser’.

You stare at your contact list but realize that everyone else has a life and switch off your cellphone.

And then you end up writing a lame post like this so that you don’t feel sad about doing absolutely nothing during the weekend!!!

*I still don’t feel better about my sad and lonely life… Also, I realized how much I suck at writing humour*

life sucks

Images: WeheartitTumblr


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