Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts

“Blonder hair, flat chest
TV says, “Bigger is better.”
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says, “Thinner is better.”

~ Beyonce Knowles, Pretty Hurts

“It doesn’t matter to people what you think. People will be at your beck and call only if you are beautiful.”

She had grown up to the teachings of her mother. Looking pretty and wearing the latest fashion was all she had done in her teenage years. It was embedded in her mind that she had to look pretty in order to impress people. Her mother wanted her to be an artist’s muse, the model on the cover of Vogue and the winner of the crown.

She had to win it this time; for her mother, if not for herself. After all, her mother had spent quite a lot of money and time on her. Her mother thought that she had readied an epitome of perfection, Aphrodite herself. Words couldn’t express how proud she was of her daughter, always an obedient child. And why not? Every time she even thought to oppose her mother’s decision, she was emotionally blackmailed. She stopped fighting and resumed her visits to the plastic surgeon. The face could be mended and fixed, but what about her soul? Her soul was empty.

There she was, standing amongst other pretty girls fighting for the same crown. She had worked so hard for it. She herself couldn’t recall the last time she enjoyed the company of her favorite chocolate ice-cream. Her mouth watered at the thought of having an ice-cream again. She was in her sweet daze when she heard her name being called.

She had won.




With a fake smile and a hollow soul she stepped forward and the moment the crown was rested on her head, she wasn’t happy. It was weird because all she wanted was to win the crown but now that she had it, it gave her no happiness.

Yes, she was pretty and beautiful, and everybody in the world now knew that. But what they were unaware about was, pretty hurts…

© 2016 Sonali Pawar. All Rights Reserved.


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