Cinderella: The Other Side (Wicked Step-mother’s tale)

Cinderella: The Other Side (Wicked Step-mother’s tale)

DISCLAIMER: This piece has nothing to do with the real fairytale and is only a part of my imagination. I decided to spice things up by writing Cinderella from Lady Tremaine’s (the wicked step-mother) point of view and this is just an excerpt.

Everyone in the world thinks I was an awful mother, to my own daughters and to Cinderella. But I’d like to differ. My daughters are the light of my eyes; some would think that they were two lazy narcissists. They were only humans, who needed a little push in order to realize what to achieve in life and how. That is what I did for them, to show them a way towards success.  I was the best mother I could be; I am proud of my two little daughters. If it had not been for Cinderella, both my sweethearts must have been married in an affluent family, maybe even the Prince himself.

Cinderella was nothing but a lazy girl. All she loved to do was play with her little pets and toss her time away in playing with those good for nothing creatures. I honestly don’t know what came over my late husband’s mind when he thought of keeping those god-awful creatures who demand only more money for their food, they aren’t any good.


Lady Tremaine (Source:


If she felt so abused and threatened, she should have had the courage to come up to me and tell that to my face. But no, she never did because she was a naïve little girl. Maybe that’s why the Prince took pity on her and married her. But what good did it do to me? Absolutely nothing! I never did raise my hand on Cinderella, just asked her to do household chores, was it too much to ask? But she is the one who is living in the gigantic palace and here I am, a blind old woman with two daughters to take care of. And to those who think I was a bad mother; let me tell you that I haven’t told my sweet little step-daughter that her Prince Charming is cheating on her.

© 2016 Sonali Pawar. All Rights Reserved.


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