Problems with Modern Day Feminism

Some people are of the thinking that all educated women are feminists. I can name quite a few women I know who don’t want to be associated with the term ‘feminism.’ It doesn’t mean that they do not support women rights, they do. But why is it so that they don’t want to be linked to the word? What has happened over the years that women are not proud of calling themselves feminists?

Modern day feminism has given women a lot of good things. Like, a social platform where we can demand an equal pay and equal rights. Today, we have role models like Sania Mirza, Hilary Clinton and Emma Watson to look up to. They are the people because of whom every girl thinks that she has it in her to surpass all obstacles and be an example for other girls. But, the same modern day feminism is making these women feel that they need to sacrifice their dreams and aspirations in order to be ‘on the same level as men.’ This kind of feminism makes a woman believe that she can turn into Oprah overnight. This is where the entire concept goes wrong.

The problem with modern feminism is that the male oppression of women cultivates a mindset of victimhood. Many feminists have developed a psychological condition called, “victim mentality”. They think that each and every man on this planet is out to hurt them and take away their freedom of speech and expression. This is neither good for women nor men.

Yes, women have been oppressed by men for ages, the society has given them the tag of the ‘weaker sex’. Women have been demanding reservations at workplace which just reinforces this stereotype of them being a weaker sex. Women shouldn’t feel the need to perform ‘better’ than men. It has always been about equality, isn’t it? Since when did it become about who’s more superior? Let’s face the truth, men and women are different. Under the patriarchal society, women have been known as the caretakers and men are believed to be strong and breadwinners. But that doesn’t mean that women can’t become CEOs of world’s largest organizations or men can’t take care of a child or a house when he needs to. Always remember, it has been about equality since the start of this movement. But these days, people seem to have forgotten the essence of feminism.




The internet was bombarded with memes and hurtful statements when Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra released pictures post weight loss. Isn’t feminism about being who you want to be, isn’t that one of the ideologies? Then why so much hullabaloo over an actress’s weight loss? This is sheer hypocrisy.

There might come a time when this feminist movement will collapse in on itself. Why? Because it does not obey the law of sustainability. Humiliating and excluding half the population from society to support women’s rights is unsustainable. For feminism to remain relevant to the society, the focus should be on equal rights and privileges. Women cannot play the victims anymore and if they do, the very concept of feminism will become extinct before it can do any good.


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