How to Finish Reading a Book Quickly

There it is, a massive pile of books sitting in the corner of your room, waiting to be read. Isn’t it? I know that reading guilt books are a struggle for many and to finish reading them is an even greater struggle. I have been in that situation many times, more than I would like to be.

I have had bad reading days, where I would take a book and just stare at it for months, reading a page or so at a time. But I’ve had good reading days too, where I would just finish reading a novel in a single day. I am aware that finishing that book can be such a task. So, whether you are reading a book for school, university, leisure or reviewing purpose, here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow in order to finish reading a book as quickly as possible:

1. Get Away from Distractions: Distraction is one of the major hindrances that come in the way of finishing a book. There have been instances where the moment I sit with a book in my hand, I suddenly get inspired to write an article, clean my table or even bake something. I end up doing neither of those and just procrastinate.

What you can do- Switch off your cellphones, keep your laptops away and if your clustered table distracts you, sit somewhere else.

2. Set Page Goals: Doesn’t it happen most of the times when you sit with a book but keep it aside after reading just a few pages? Happens with me!

What you can do- Before you start reading, set a page goal. Decide on the number of pages you are going to read because once you have decided something, your brain won’t let it go before you meet your goals.

3. Finish the Chapter: People generally end up re-reading the pages they had read before because obviously there is no recollection of what had happened the last time they read the book. Happens all the time, believe me!

What you can do- Make sure you finish an entire chapter before keeping aside the book for the day. I know that there are many novels with chapters as long as 200 pages but not to worry. Usually, there is some sort of break in a long chapter and you can use these breaks in order to remember what you had read the last time.

4. Take Notes: There are novels with numerous characters which will confuse you to no end. Eventually, you will end up losing interest in the book because you can’t keep up with the characters.

What you can do- Keep a notebook with you so that you are able to write all the characters and make notes. This way you won’t the characters and you can always refer to them even if you happen to lose track of the various families or characters.

5. Research the Book: I am not proud of this, but many times I have ordered a book without doing any proper research. Guess what? Those books are lying around somewhere.

What you can do- ALWAYS go through the summary of a plot so that you can find out if the book interests you. Do not buy a book just because you like the cover, as cliché as it sounds: Never judge a book by its cover because you might end up throwing the book away in your already huge pile.

A few other tips:

In order to pace yourself, you can read a novel while traveling. I always carry a book with me when I’m in the metro or on a flight. Trust me, traveling gets your reading done!

I always make it a point to read before going to sleep. Not only you will sleep soundly, you will also have the satisfaction of reading a book and doing something worthwhile, other than fooling around on your cellphone or laptop.

Book pain Syndrome
Go finish that book! (Image Source:

I bet these tips and tricks will get your reading done. What are you waiting for now? Go and finish that book!


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