Thank You and Goodbye, Mumbai!

Thank You and Goodbye, Mumbai!

10 months ago I landed in Mumbai with my favorite belongings packed in mere three bags. It was quite difficult to decide what all to bring with me as I had to live in this city for almost a year, but I made my choices, even though it was hard. And, I think that was the beginning of a confident, smart and decisive me. I was super excited to move to a new city to pursue my Post-Graduation and boy was I pumped up!

The feeling of independence and the sheer idea of spending my free time at Marine Drive incessantly was so overwhelming that I was in awe with this city for a while. And then the struggle started; college was giving me major stress and staying up late and eating disgusting food didn’t help either. I abhorred this city to the very core. I loathed its food (still do), despised the smell and the fact that how each and every corner of this city reeked of dead mice.

And now, 10 months later I think I fell a little for this city. The entire spirit of this city slowly inched its way to my heart and made a place for itself. I met people belonging to different parts of this country, started cooking food, managed my expenses and made new friends who became family. I think it’s because of them I have been able to survive in Mumbai. Getting pampered once in a while, taking me to the doctor when I fell sick, they did everything my parents would have done for me when I was feeling down.

I’ll be leaving tomorrow and I’m taking a lot of things with me. I am taking these wonderful memories I have with my classmates and my PG friends, I am taking home the confidence gained from staying alone, I am taking home a new and changed me and the very charm of this city. I believe that in these 10 months I have seen myself grow. Some might even say I have ‘changed’. But let me assure you, it’s all for good. If I have started speaking a little less and listening more (everyone I know is going to be extremely ecstatic about this) or if I have started making decisions without the help of others, it’s all because of this city. It has made me the way I am now.

It would be foolish of me to compare Delhi and Mumbai (but Delhi does have better food AND Sarojini, beat ya Colaba+Elco Road+Linking Road!) because they have their own charisma.

I loved going to the beaches, taking late night walks just to have Rustom’s Ice-cream, meandering at Marine Drive, saree shopping at Mangaldas Market, endless assignments (I kind of miss them now), impromptu trips to Pune or Matheran and mindless star-gazing at Chowpatty. They will always be in pictures and memories. But now, it’s time to go back home.

Thank you, Mumbai for lovely memories, crazy (lifelong) friends, hardships and countless sleepless nights. It was all bloody worth it. You will be missed.

It’s now time to face the real world.

Adios Maximum City!

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