An encounter with Mischief-makers!

An encounter with Mischief-makers!

On Saturday, my friends and I decided to go on a short trip to Matheran Hill Station. So we took a 6:50 am train to Neral and thus began our adventurous trip to Matheran. For those who don’t know, Matheran is a small hill station, 95 km from Mumbai and you can reach there by taking a fast train from Chatrapati Shivaji Station (CST) to Karjat and get down at Neral. Once you reach Neral, take a cab to Matheran’s entry point and from there you can either trek for four kilometres or take a horse.

I am not really a fan of the hills so for me, the adventure started when we took a cab from Neral to Matheran. The steep roads, twists, and turns, gave me a headache and I was glad when I stepped out of the cab. But, for the rest of my friends, the adventure began while we were trekking and came across monkeys. Let me warn you, Matheran is full of monkeys, so it’s better to not flaunt any eatables or gadgets if you don’t want a monkey to snatch it from your hands. That’s what happened with us; a monkey ran towards us and snatched two packets of chips and like any person who is scared of animals, I threw it away and ran for my life. Well, 100 bucks went down the drain, you monkey!

I felt like a smuggler, hiding anything and everything I was carrying to save it from the little mischief-makers.

Well, that wasn’t it. After relaxing for a while in our hotel room, we headed for lunch. While we were having a nice and hot meal, one of the hotel staff came up to us said that a bunch of monkeys had entered into our room (that is because one of my friends didn’t shut the balcony door properly). My eyes almost fell out of my sockets as I had left my wallet and cell phone on the night stand.

The five of us ran towards our room and saw another hotel staff shooing away the monkeys. It was a funny sight to witness as they tried to get away with a bunch of keys, a comb and a bra (for God’s sake!) Well, they didn’t take anything valuable, except for my friend’s compact (I would love to see that monkey applying some on its face!) but they did create a ruckus in the room. That’s when my OCD kicked in and every time we left the room, I checked the doors twice.

After the incident, I reckoned that it was one funny story and had to be told. As I’ll be moving back home this month, this was the last trip with my girls and I thank the monkeys for making the trip more memorable for all of us.


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