Crazy Crowd at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Crazy Crowd at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Every year in the month of February, Kala Ghoda acts as a host to the much visited Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. This year the festival was held from February 6 to February 14 and the eight-day festival had a long list of events which took place in different corners of Kala Ghoda, not very far from the main venue.

As there was no entry fee to the festival, hordes of people were seen attending the events irrespective of the day and time. Even during the weekdays, the venues were crowded.

There was everything for everyone if you were a movie buff, there were screenings if you were a literature lover, there were events taking place at Kitabhkhana if you were a performing arts enthusiast, there were plays and dramatic readings. You name it, they had it. Also, there were a number of performances by celebrities at Asiatic Library; Vir Das, Ayushman Khurana, Karsh Kale and Shibani Kashyap performed at the festival.

One thing which I came across (and found odd) while attending the Kala Ghoda Festival was how insane and selfie-crazed people were! They didn’t even care that they were stepping on the exhibits (and obviously destroying them) which were placed at the festival, they just had to get a picture! I just didn’t get the point of standing in front of each and every artefact and getting themselves clicked (most of them weren’t even smiling!)

So, if you think that the pictures below aren’t nice, blame the crazy crowd I found at Kala Ghoda Festival (and also the fact that I was too lazy to carry my DSLR).



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