“I am tired of being ugly”



She yearned for collarbones and thigh gaps like most of the girls in her school. She had heard that having collarbones was ‘in’ and made a girl even prettier.

She had a desire to look appealing to them, she wanted her classmates to like her, because to them pretty meant perfect. She wanted to be perfect.

She was made fun of by her classmates as she wasn’t beautiful like the other girls because she was overweight. She was called a fat-ass, whale and a blob, anything but pretty. With all the continuous rebuking she decided that today would be the day and nobody could stop her from becoming pretty and beautiful.

She didn’t want to be remembered as the fat girl in the school, so that night she bent towards her toilet bowl with a finger in her mouth…

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© 2016 Sonali Pawar. All Rights Reserved.


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