Kitsch Mandi at Celebrate Bandra Festival

Kitsch Mandi at Celebrate Bandra Festival

In the last week of November, a community festival called Celebrate Bandra was held in Mumbai. Kitsch Mandi was one of the main attractions of this festival. For those who don’t know, Kitsch Mandi is an indie flea market festival that initially started in Bangalore. My friends and I were dying to go somewhere hip and happening and voila, we got to know about this festival taking place.

The moment we stepped in the premises, our ears were filled with music. There was also a Jugalbandi going on the stage which was surrounded by a number of people. If you looked up, one could find countless hand-made lamps hanging from the strings. Quite a few stalls were set up where people could buy a variety of stuff; from quirky tees to the beautiful garden and home décor.

The festival also had numerous art workshop stalls where one could make decorative papers. While, that sounded interesting, time and money were a gigantic constraint (Also, I didn’t want to ruin my clothes. Judge me all you want).

The entire view of the festival was mesmerizing as it was full of colors and music. Everywhere you looked, there was some or the other thing which would call out to you. The cherry on top was the beautiful weather which I hadn’t expected. The night had a perfect ending when the musicians on the stage sang ‘mast kalandar’. It was definitely a night to remember and I should tell this to all the Mumbaikars that this Delhiite has started to love this city.

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