A Day at Mangaldas Market

The moment you step inside the tiny lobby opposite the Masjid, you enter a whole new world. One with high roofs, low ceilings and rainbow colored fabric pouring out into the alleys where two people can’t walk abreast.

You are surrounded by over enthusiastic vendors and brokers calling out to you to stop at their shops and buy their shimmering wares, and you find you can hardly breathe or walk in the market called Mangaldas.

Mangaldas is a quaint little place, but don’t get deceived by the mere size of it. For a small and suffocating place, it has a host of things to offer. From sequined dupattas to chanderi and silk sarees, to the more mundane printed cotton suits and plain linens. Mangaldas market is a bucket of gold for shoppers, especially women.

One can shop all kinds of sarees, suits and fabrics from here and one bag would not be enough for you to carry it. The colors and variety of cloth sold here can mesmerize you into spending far more than your purse allows.

But for someone who has been born and brought up in Delhi and has been to Chandni Chowk every time someone got married, you know what these shops really have to offer. Even after a million trips to Chandni Chowk, I have not been able to overcome the problem of suffocation and shopping in tiny places. Mangaldas might not be as huge as Chandni Chowk, but they are equally packed.

Mangaldas Market is situated in Lohar Chawl of South Mumbai and most of the merchants hail from Gujarat. Even though they offer a wide assortment of sarees, dupattas, and salwar-kameez, one can also buy beautiful chicken Kurti cloths and scarves if you are not into the former variety.

If you are new to Mumbai and want to get acquainted with the very essence of this city, Mangaldas will provide you with a delightful experience. One can touch the heart of this city and get to know what Mumbai is made of by visiting these markets. Gateway of India and Marine drive barely constitute the spirit of Mumbai because the real soul of the maximum city lies in these markets.

{Image Courtesy: www.fashion-pristine.com, http://www.ritikab.wordpress.com, www.fashion-pristine.com, garius.de}


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