Body Clock Gone Awry

It has been almost four months since I came to Mumbai to pursue post Graduation and every day has been a struggle. I have been waking up two hours before college commences. Back at home I had a schedule of when to get up when to have food when to sleep. But here, I have forgotten what a schedule is. I am working on deadlines, very close ones at that. Here, we get a host of assignments and are expected to complete them in a span of one week. These deadlines have disrupted everything from my schedule to my body clock. Sometimes sitting for the two-hour lectures take a toll on me, because I am sleep deprived. Still I attend these lectures, nonetheless, half-heartedly, well because, firstly I am spending a bomb on this adopted city of mine and secondly, I actually want a job after this course concludes.
The core question is how do you cope up?

On one hand, your parents call you, asking how it’s going on. On the other hand, you feel like you are not giving your best. You want to but aren’t able to. So, in the midst of assignments and college, I have forgotten what sleep and food feel like.
Oh, by the way, I miss good food/ I can’t wait to go back to Delhi this week and have amazing momos from Janpath which makes me go weak in the knees.

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