A Family Away from Home

A Family Away from Home

You’ve left the comfort of your home, that place which you loved and grew up in. You have left to become a better person, meet new people and experience new things. You have left your cocoon because you want to develop, grow as a person and stand on your own feet. After living in the same place with same faces around you for over twenty years, it’s a tad hard to digest the fact that you’re not living with your family anymore.

But gradually, it grows on you. You start getting the hang of how things go about in the new city; you learn new things. Slowly, you start loving the little things that place has to offer you oh so gladly. You adopt the city; you make it you are own.

And in the midst of this busy life you meet new people, make new friends. At this particular age, you know how to choose friends and you choose them wisely. And then, after months of living and studying together, these new people with whom you share your thoughts grow on you. You get to know their likes and dislikes; you share secrets and sins. And bam, one fine day you let them enter your life, completely. Mind you, there is no going back now.

These people become your life; you let them in on each and everything. They will glare at you when you have just soup for dinner, they will force you and motivate you to complete your assignments and they will take care of you when you fall sick. Isn’t it what family does? If yes, then I have found a family away from home…


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