The Time I had ‘Ghar ki Roti’!

This post was long due and I am glad I could finally get to finish it. A few days ago my friends and I were searching for a nice and inexpensive (Heads up: Mumbai is bloody hard on pockets!) place where we could have dinner. After tons of Zomato searches and rejecting almost each and every restaurant in the vicinity just because it was Rs 10 expensive than our budget, we decided to go with the flow. So we got down at KalaGhoda and started our search for a restaurant.
After walking on the same road twice, we ended up going to a pure vegetarian restaurant, Chetana. (I can compromise at times…). We then ordered one Maharashtrian dish and one Rajasthani dish with a basket of Rotis. And guess what?


My friends and I hail from Delhi and we were badly missing the kind of roti we used to eat at home. In Mumbai it’s really tough to find that kind of roti in restaurants. Heck, they don’t even call it roti here! (The ‘chapatis’ here are so bloody thin.)
Coming to the point, when we saw the basket of rotis we were ecstatic because we FINALLY found ‘the roti’.

Believe me; we ate like we had been deprived of food for ages. I finished the salad, had all the chutneys and ordered even more Rotis! We three were in seventh heaven.
Yes, the restaurant gave us an amazing experience with food as both the dishes were amazing, but it also satiated our hunger and made us super happy.
I’d definitely go back to this restaurant and have ‘ghar ki roti’ once in a while.

About the Restaurant: Probably the only restaurant that serves pure vegetarian in the area. The restaurant is decorated with Madhubani paintings on the wall lighted brightly with tungsten bulbs which gives it a homely and pleasant ambiance.



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