31 Days in Mumbai!

31 Days in Mumbai!

I have survived exactly 31 days of living in Mumbai by myself. Good news? For you, I don’t know, for me, hell yeah! It has been 31 days of cooking my food, washing my clothes (by hands), washing the dishes and buying the groceries.

I know people who have lived away from their homes for years but I never gave it a thought that living alone could be this challenging, demanding and testing. These 31 days have been challenging for me because I used to cook only once in a while when I was home, back in Delhi. But now, I have been cooking for last so many days and doing every single thing by myself. Living alone is demanding, mind you. The clothes will not wash by themselves, neither will the dishes you cook and eat in. I have come to Mumbai to study and my main objective and priority is to concentrate on my work but there are things like washing and cooking which you cannot ignore. (Don’t even try to, otherwise you’ll end up washing 16 clothes at once. Been there, done that!)

How’s the city treating me, you ask?

The honest answer would be, I really don’t know. I reckon it is too early for both the city and I to adjust to each other. At times I love the sea, walks to marine Drive, naturals Ice-Cream (which I worship by the way) but there are times where I despise the very existence of it. I hate the fact how each and every nook and corner stinks of garbage, how bloody small the houses are and how corpulent the rats are! (Actually, they are big enough to be compared with rabbits!). I believe that the only saving grace so far has been the sea. Personally, I love the sea and pleasant winds; they have really helped me in keeping my sanity. Actually, I owe it to the sea; otherwise I would have gone completely bonkers in a span of mere 31 days.

But again, living alone is not that bad. You get up on your own (your mother is not there to shout at you to wake up, which seldom results in getting late for college and skipping breakfast), you think for your own, you carefully start spending money and start respecting it. It’s funny how you’re independent and not-so-independent at the same time. You can do whatever you want but while you’re studying, the money in your pocket actually comes from your parents.

Now, when it comes to the college I am studying in, I have only once sentence to describe it, ‘Hands down amazing’. I love everything about it; from the infrastructure to the faculty, it is incredible. And don’t let me even start about the canteen because I am sure you’ll turn green with envy. I suppose, apart from the sea my college is another reason which has kept me sane and wise.

Also, I have met some amazing people in this city. They have been so nice and helpful to me; the best part about it is almost everyone is from a different corner of the country. I have always believed that meeting new people is the first and foremost step towards reaping exposure and I have met such a wide variety of people which is so overwhelming.

Now let me come to the best part of the city which I have come across in these past few days: LOCAL TRAINS. I come from a city where Metro trains have made commuting so damn easy. The metros in Delhi are spick and span, air-conditioned and people have different ways of acquiring seats. But in Locals, the aunties will ask your destination and point at you and then to themselves. I was quite confused as to what the finger-pointing meant, but I eventually got the hang of it. This little action is to reserve your seats in the suburban trains of Mumbai. I found it so hilarious that when I figured out the entire thing, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

I have shifted from one metropolitan city to another but my oh my, both the cities are entirely and utterly different. One of the major problems that I have come across is, I try too hard to compare Delhi with Mumbai and I think it’s time to get rid of this habit because, both the cities are different and will remain different. I was born and bred in Delhi and it is definitely going to take me time to digest the fact that I am NOT in Delhi anymore.

I don’t think I know the city well enough to compare them but I am here to make this city mine and take up anything and everything it has in store for me, the good, the bad, the ugly, each and everything. All I aspire is, I get what I wanted from this city. I have survived 31 days and there are many more to go and I am ready (with my sleeves up) to make the most of it.

(Featured Image from www.onthegotours.com)


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