Where ‘MY CHOICE’ Went Wrong.

A few days ago, a short film was released online by Vogue India with a voice-over of Deepika Padukone and starred various women celebrities from Tinsel Town. The message in the video was to promote Women Empowerment and the luxury of choices we women have. Deepika talks about how a woman is entitled to choices and how it is her wish to decide what to wear, what size to be and whether or not to have sex. And on some level I agree. Women can do anything and be anything they want to be just as men. But what I don’t agree is where she says about having a choice ‘to have sex outside of marriage.

Adultery is not women empowerment. Cheating on your husband or for that matter, a guy cheating on his wife does not make one superior than the other. Yes, you do have a choice, but is this what you would rather do? To cheat on your man? And if you have to, then don’t call a man womanizer when he does the same.

I myself am a feminist but the video didn’t speak out to me for numerous reasons. Yes, Deepika Padukone is one of the top female leads in Bollywood and is a role model for many girls and women. But remember, she is the same person who endorsed “Kellogg’s Special K” brand which promotes losing weight so that you can look pretty at a wedding. And then, you see her in a video which is supposed to empower women, telling them that they can be whatever size they want to be; a size zero or a size 15. Isn’t it quite pious?

Also, these are the kind of choices a woman living in a metropolitan city has, like most of us. We have the freedom to do anything we want to do, wear anything we want to and we are broad minded enough to decide when to have a physical relationship with someone. But what about the choices of rural women? Do they even have them? These choices are nothing more than utopia to them. Given, this video was made by Vogue, I would not expect them to think about rural women.

This video was nothing short of hypocrisy and I expected much more.

You can see Deepika Padukone’s MY CHOICE video here.

Also, a parody of this video (Male version of MY CHOICE) was made by TheAnkurPoddar on YouTube. Click here to see the video.


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