Guilty Pleasure #4: My Love for Connaught Place

One of the Building's
One of the Building’s

Connaught place, or as we Delhiites call it, C.P is the hub for people to hang out. The place has a history which goes long back to the time when India was still under the rule of Britishers.

When one looks at the building, they can clearly see the British architecture. Beautiful, round and white buildings are still standing erect on the grounds they were built on. Even the structures which have been built after the British reign ended, the architecture of that period has been kept in mind so that the place does not lose its essence.

On a personal level, I am in love with CP. If I am not at home, you’ll most probably find me aimlessly roaming on the roads of this adorable place. Even if you have nothing to do, one can walk around and look for places to eat.

Now, CP is quite a huge area and it houses many offices and some of the major Newspaper Organizations are situated in the area. Also, the infamous, India Gate is just a few kilometers away from Connaught Place. CP is divided into two circles, i.e. Inner and Outer Circle, but the majority of the people like to hand out in the inner circle just because it is a happening place.

When it comes to the crowd, people visiting CP are quite fascinating as you can see the meanderers hanging out at the places as the big ass corporate hot shots. And how can I forget about the foreigners? You’ll probably find most of them sipping ridiculously expensive coffees at Starbucks *laughs* (I can make better coffee, like seriously!).

There are some excellent eateries in Connaught Place. If you’re all rich and stuff, you can go and have food at some hi-fi places like Parikrama, a revolving restaurant (food is horrible, though, given the prices), Kwality and the list is quite long. But if you’re a college going poor little person like me who is on a budget, there are some amazing places for you, like Kake-da-Hotel (My favorite) where you can eat all the nonvegetarian food you want (And they refill too!), Andhra Bhawan and the list goes on.

In CP, you can find two places which are loved and adored by us. Those are Janpath and Central Park (You can add Palika Bazar too. But I find that place too shady for me). Now, you’ll find most of the girls shopping at Janpath because it is a flea market where you can find anything from clothes to antique clocks and home décor material. I would go there, but you’ll find me at Janpath, only when I really need something and don’t feel like spending much on it. (I detest shopping.) I have always found the Janpath market expensive because the vendors there are so damn talented that they can even sell trash for 1000 bucks. But even the buyers aren’t less. People who have been going to the flea market for shopping know the art of bargaining very well. I can’t bargain because apparently, I have not been blessed with this talent. Honestly speaking, one has to bargain with all their might to buy something which costs more than half of the price the vendor initially asks you to pay. Also, near the market, there are stores which sell stuff and one of them is DPauls where you can find some amazing coffee just for 50 bucks (momos too).

Collage Central park

Now, we come to the central park. *ahem ahem*. You will find quite a funny sight the moment you enter the park. There are some middle-aged and elderly people who you can see walking or jogging around the circular park, then there are some families who come to visit just like that (who are obviously not from Delhi. If they were, they’d know better than to enter the park), also there are people like me and my friend who just love to sit in the middle of the park, soak in the sun, bitch about people, try to connect the Wi-Fi which takes quite a lot of time to connect (sometimes, never). The last and the most interesting category are the couples. Actually, Central Park is the place for many young or newly married couples (mostly young). You’ll find almost each and every couple, sitting behind the bushes or any other secluded spot they could find and performing some serious Public Display of Affection (Not that I have a problem with it. Kiss all you want people!). ‘Cuz hello… we want every person to know we are deep in love.


But what bugs me the most is, people do not respect the beauty of the place at all. At the foot of almost every pillar, you can find red stains from the spit of the paan (a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nut and sometimes also with tobacco) eaters. It’s a beautiful place and I still don’t get that why people have to spit on the roads. Either they are blind or too ignorant to see as the dustbins are not that far away from the buildings.

But whatever, I will keep on visiting the place, keep on hunting more and more eateries and keep wandering, just because! I don’t think my love for Connaught Place and the essence it has will be ever forgotten no matter if I move cities, states or countries.

Collage CP


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