Complicated Yet Beautiful

Back in school my favorite subject was English. Whenever I felt bored or was sick and tired of studying other subjects, I’d find solace in my English textbooks. I have seen my classmates resting their heads on the desk or staring at nothing in particular with droopy eyes. I never understood how anyone could get bored in an English class. I would desperately wait for the class to begin and on the other hand, listen to my friends whine about it. I was even teased about it in school and was given tags regarding how much of an English nerd I was. But to be honest, I felt honored and happy about it. But, even though I loved reading and studying English, I used to detest writing. I hated writing long articles and annoying letters in examinations. I was pretty sure that I wasn’t made for writing and would never do so in future. But as the saying goes, never say never, I changed my mind and thought of giving writing another shot when I entered college. I actually had to force myself to write as it dawned on me I was a Journalism student and to thrive in this industry, I got to hone my writing and speaking skills. And now I am glad that I started writing because otherwise, the love for writing would not have been discovered.

I want to be a better writer and a better speaker of the English language. It’s not that I am not fluent in the language, I am, but you never stop learning, do you? Also, my vocabulary is kind of iffy. (10 points to me for being aboveboard!). So, I was resolved to be better at this. (As it is my last semester in college and I have already started to freak out). One fine day I was ordering a few books on Amazon and I came across ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis. And today I am glad I hit that ‘buy’ button.

I have not yet completed reading the book but I already feel like I know a lot. I had never thought before that a language like English could be so arresting and delightful. Yes, I just described a language as arresting and delightful, because it is! Reading the words written by Norman Lewis, working with the book and studying the etymology of the words had me spell bound. Spell bound because I never imagined that even a language as simple and notorious as English could contain a possibility of such deep meanings. And suddenly, it hit me; I was now in love with studying and knowing about the origin of words.

I had read somewhere that if you want to be good in English, learn languages like Latin or Greek and they were correct. Well, I can’t learn these languages now (would love to, if gotten a chance, though.) but whatever I am learning in this book is beyond amazing.

English might be a beautiful language but it sure can be a bit of a bitch sometimes because of the Grammar. We think it is something else, but it turns out be something else. Well, a few cases are complicated when it comes to grammar; for instance, whether to use who or whom? And in some cases, we even get confused between is and are. This isn’t easy. To be better in grammar and having it on your fingertips, require a lot of time, devotion and persistence. But I have made up my mind that I won’t let anything distract me from my goal; my goal of speaking and writing better English because I want to do it for myself. Honestly, this book is so much more than I expected it to be and has already done wonders to my mind and soul.

If studying and working on just six sessions of the book can bring so many changes in me, I am curious about what it would do when I am finished with it…

word power


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