No Resolutions

We have stepped into another year and I still can’t believe its 2015 already. I don’t know of it’s just me but 2014 passed in a daze, really. It feels just like yesterday when we were having a New Year Party at our house to welcome 2014. Well, time does fly.


With a new year, nothing really changes, does it? Except writing a new year at the end of the date (I know I’ll still write ’14 for a week or so!). New Year doesn’t mean ‘new me’ or ‘new you’. Years will go by but I’ll remain the same; lazy, fat, foodie, coffee addict and a book lover. Honestly, I would not want to change myself, why would I? (But my parents might want me to lose those extra kilos this year).


Well, this year is going to be a big one for me. I am graduating from college, I have to select and hope I get in a good college for my higher education and what not. I plan to do a lot of stuff but I don’t set any kind of resolutions. I don’t believe in them because my 10 year old self used to believe in resolutions and then I let myself down. I don’t care much about others’ expectations from me but I am really saddened when I don’t stand up to my own expectations. So, it’s been 10 years since I last made any resolution. If anything that comes even a little close to being a resolution is, I want to grow as a writer. I feel like I am still an amateur and I really need to work on this as I love writing.


All I have left to say is, I hope that this year goes as well as others, if not good. Live life to the fullest and chase your dreams. Here’s to moving forward in life.




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