Be a Feminist!


Time and again the topic of feminism has been brought up. Be it by lighting candles or a meet of powerful women. The world takes the word ‘feminist’ in a bad way because people think that feminists are those who hate men. No, feminism is nothing about hating the opposite sex, it’s just voicing out the rights of women. There can be two types of feminists; ones, those who want women to enjoy more and more facilities and rights than men. For instance, the people who are in favor of signs like “Women’s seats”, “Please empty seats for women, elders and handicapped” in public transport. The second category of feminists is totally opposite from the first one. They believe that women should be able to enjoy equal amount of rights and facilities. They believe in ‘why a woman should be given a seat? Just because she is a woman, not strong enough to stand up for a 20 minute bus ride?’


Women are often questioned about the smallest of things; like where are they going? Why and with whom. They are questioned regarding their clothing and what not.

Centuries ago, female authors used to change their name so that they could make people read their novels. Well, that was a long time ago but you will be surprised to know that even J.K. Rowling’s publisher asked her to keep her name ‘J.K’ instead of Joanne Rowling so that the Harry Potter series could woo the male readers.


Have you ever seen a woman riding a bike and people laughing at her or whispering to one another? Why? Can’t a woman ride a bike? Girls are often asked to close their legs even when they are wearing jeans. Why? Don’t men and women have genitals at the same place? And girls have to listen to ‘you’re a girl so act like one’ kind of sentences too often. Why? Well, I didn’t know that my vagina came with a terms and conditions manual!


Why does a woman have to choose between her career and her family? Why can’t she do both? You’ll be surprised by what a woman can do. She can beat anyone at multitasking; look at our moms! And if a woman is career oriented, she is given a tag of being a non family person. People say that a woman’s success is a threat to men. Is the male ego so big, that it cannot allow any other person to move forward in their lives?


A perfect woman is stereotyped to be as someone who is tall, has curves, and is fair, skinny and what not. Why does a woman have to be skinny and slim? Just because a man wants her to be? Here is a reality check for people with such mentality: A woman can be whatever she wants to be and nobody has the right to ask her to change in any way. It’s not your rules or my rules; it’s about her and her body so it’s her rules.


And who said anything about only women being feminists? If you are a guy and support equal rights for women, then you too are a feminist. (like him)



So, go ahead, be a feminist and make this world a better place!


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