Spend today wisely!



Before writing about this quote, I thought of brainstorming on “Guide to becoming a Winter Hippie” but then I thought that it would be better that I stay away from fashion posts. But hey, I might write about it later sometime…


So, here I am writing about something which you could ponder upon. “Yesterday is a cancelled cheque*; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have so spend it wisely.” This is one my favorite quote’s. I know that it isn’t a very difficult quote to understand; but it is deep at the same time.

We humans are so busy in thinking about what we could have done better that we forget about our present. No amount of thinking, crying or depression will correct our pasts, what’s done is done. We are so worried about the mistakes we have committed in the past and what will do in our future, that we forget we have today to live for; to day to live in. Why don’t we think that “yes, today is going to be a better day, I will try my best to not to make the same mistakes and enjoy today to the fullest.”

This is because we are so insecure about what can happen in our lives tomorrow or the day after. But what happens when we are so busy crying over the spilt milk? We commit the same mistakes today  too; and then the day after, we are going to cry over that.

It’s better for the best to not to think about our pasts and better enjoy in our today and invest in our future.


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