We Are Not What you Think We Are!  


When I say we, I mean Introverts. There have been a lot of myths when it comes to introverts. Our society has stereotyped these type of people to be boring, who are nerds, hate mingling with others and what not.

I am very confident when I say this, introverts are NOT what the society describes them to be; we are far from that. We too like doing things, knowing others, going out and other things. Here are a few ‘eye-openers’ based on some hypothesis, for people who think introverts are boring and stuff.


Introverts hate social gatherings

Nope, we don’t hate any sort of contact with other human beings. In fact, we like to socialize and going to parties like any other person, but staying there for a long time can be a little too much. After a few hours, the music, the people and everything else is just white noise.


Introverts like being alone

There’s a huge difference between being alone and being lonely. A huge one at that!

We introverts love some ‘me’ time as it helps in recharging our bodies. Sometimes being just with a book and a hot cup of coffee is a way of our entaintment and we love it.


Introverts have less friends

This might be true to an extent. But it does not mean that we do not have friends at all. We sure do like to make friends, but we put down our walls only for people who can understand us and not just for the sake of it. We prefer quality over quantity.


Introverts are Nerds

NOPE, we aren’t. I am an introvert and scoring anything above 70% is a huge success for me.

I rest my case.


Introverts are Boring

Well, to some people yes; but for some (like our friends) we are the coolest people ever! We know how to have fun and can beat your ass while you least expect it.


Introverts are innocent type of people

Many people think that we are so innocent that we don’t even know how babies are made (I know I took it too far, but still!) Nope, we are not innocent. We know how to swear, we know all the ‘stuff’ you think we don’t know and yeah, as we like to stay away from controversies, we do anything and everything in our power to make sure we stay AWAY from them.


So, before making a mental description about an introvert, keep these things in mind, we might not as pure as milk as some may think.

And yeah, we’re crazy and fun loving bunch of people and we don’t want you to give up on us.


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