Mind Demons

Have you ever sat alone in a room with your mind full of things it shouldn’t think? Suddenly it seems like all the bad things are going to happen to you or to the people you care about. You are scared to lose the people you love, yourself and maybe even your sanity.
Yes, obviously you want all these negative thoughts to leave your mind and stay in peace but this stupid brain of yours has some other plans. The organ that controls your body, your actions and every damn thing has a tendency of not letting you sleep through the night and it will allow all the negative thoughts conquer your mind and suddenly you are superstitious; suddenly you develop an OCD regarding stuff. Your mind doesn’t care whether you are in a shower, watching your favourite show or just talking to a friend, the thoughts you think can come up anywhere and everywhere. This brain of yours is not going to let you have peace, is it?
The answer is simple, really. It’s all about control. Don’t ever let your brain control your mind!

Easier said than done, right?


This happens with a lot of us when all we think about is negative stuff, always wondering ‘what if this happened’ and your days consist of worrying about the ‘what ifs’ and ‘damn, my stupid brain’. I call them mind demons. They don’t let you function properly; they suck out your thinking powers, peace of mind and leave you mentally exhausted and frustrated or maybe worse, depressed.


Humans are like sponge, well I’d like to go against the laws of science and call our species a Reflective Sponge. We not only absorb what is said to us, we reflect it too. For instance, if a person is rude to you, we tend to reply them in the same manner. But, it doesn’t end here. Whatever the other person had said to us before, we keep it with ourselves and let it eat our ‘peace’. If a person rebukes you and describes you as someone who is ugly and a dim-witted moron, you might have reverted with same intensity. But after a while you will be standing in front of a mirror, wishing you had larger eyes, a smaller nose and probably a few less or a few more muscles.


It happens with all of us. No surprise there. There is so much negativity around us that we absorb only that and this is where mind control should come in handy. Our brain should never decide how we are supposed to react because that’s the place where our demons reside. I am not saying that we can get rid of these mind demons, but we can surely learn how to control their onset. All you have to do is figure out how to control them. I am not that kind of a person who will ask you to meditate or something and I’m the last person who will give you some kind of spiritual or Godly remedy/advice to erase these demons from your system. It has always been on the ‘how’ and it all depends on you. The way out from this darkness; it depends on you and solely you.



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