For the love of Anagramming!: An Abundance of Katherines (Book Review)

For the love of Anagramming!: An Abundance of Katherines (Book Review)

an abundance of katherines

As I was reading quite heavy and not to mention emotionally wrecking books for past few weeks, I decided to buy a nice and light hearted book. I was going through a number of novels on a website when I came across An Abundance of Katherines. But I was unsure as I had never read a John Green novel and to be honest, I liked the summary of only this novel as it sounded a bit hopeful.
So, two days later, there I was, carrying a John Green Book in my hands and hoping that it would turn out to be better than I expected it to be.

So, here is a little something about the book: It has three main characters i.e. Colin Singleton, the anagramming loving guy who was also a child prodigy, looking forward to be a genius and searching for his ‘eureka’ moment and with whom I fell in love with.
Wait, did I mention that he had dated 19 girls named Katherine?
Our second character would be a Lebanese guy named Hassan Harbish who is Colin’s best friend, actually, his only friend. This fat, funny and Judge Judy loving guy will make you fall in love with him with his hilarious comments, I swear.
The third character, that is Lindsey Lee Wells appears a little late in the novel but plays quite an important role.


I would really not go into the details and practically write a brief spoiler for those who haven’t read that book yet. So, I will just write about what I felt about this novel.
Well, I agree that you really can’t say that John Green’s books are an epitome of literature but they aren’t pulp fiction either. You will actually enjoy the fact that this child prodigy of ours who is trying so damn hard to build a graph on his relationships and anagrams any damn word (except the words in his list of ‘Words that I failed to anagram’!) can actually be funny. I always knew, never underestimate a nerd, they are way cool.


I feel like this novel, other than The Catcher In The Rye, gave me a lesson that you really shouldn’t act or live your life according to what the society wants. Yes, you should run after your dreams but just for the sake of being better than others should not take out that little spark of madness and the fun loving person you actually are.
Life is simple actually, and it can be enjoyed, all you have to do is, let your guard down and let it go.

Honestly, I should feel sad that as an amateur writer, I really can’t put it all in words whatever I felt regarding the book, I’m too busy recovering from it. Blame my ‘gets too close too fast’ kind of a personality.
This novel should be read by all book loving creatures like me and all that is left for me to say is,

I‘m glad I hit that buy button.


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