Against All Odds: Mary Kom


Priyanka Chopra
Darshan Kumar
Sunil Thapa

Omung Kumar


This movie is a biopic made on India’s five time world champion woman boxer, Mary Kom, who hails from a village in Manipur and the problems she had to face to reach to this level.


Indians do not need to google who Mar Kom is. We very well know who she is and what she does. This movie stars Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom and she has been appreciated for the work she has done. It is true, Priyanka has done a lot of hard work as she had to train for months to have a body like the magnificent boxer. Not only that, she has acted very well.
This movie raises quite a number of issues like the status of sportsmen in a country like India and the treatment by the federation, women empowerment and the North Eastern States being not considered as a part of India by many people. The movie showcases how a girl whose father was against her boxing, went to the state levels and then winning medals in the Olympics.
This might be a women-centric movie but the new actor Darshan Kumar from Delhi who played Mary’s husband, Onler has also done a marvelous work.
In short, in the acting part, this movie was beyond perfection.


When it comes to the storyline, I found some glitches as I felt at some points the behaviour of the actor was not justified. For example, when Mary reaches the Federation manager’s office with the apology, the guy says that the selection is almost over but a minutes later she is seen flying to China for the match. What happened in between?
There were some similar issues throughout the movie.


Dialogs and the dialog delivery were amazing, there were many nice dialogs. Like, there is a dialog which I liked very much, “Kisi ko itna bhi mat darao ki darr hi khatam ho jaye” (Don’t scare anyone too much that the fear gets over)


But the question is, if any other actor wold have portrayed the role of Mary Kom, or mary herself, would you have gone to watch the movie? This was obviously a movie made for whistles and commercial success, not that I’ve any issues because Priyanka was magnificent.
All in all a great movie and you should watch it.


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