Growing Up or Growing Old?


“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional”

– Chili Davis


So, finally I am done being a teenager as I just turned 20. TWENTY!

Turning a year older is kind of a scary concept, you sleep as yourself, the age you were  and suddenly the next day you’re a year older; A whole freaking year older! And this scary thing does not only end here, your parents and the rest of your family expects you to suddenly behave ‘your age’, as if a fairy tapped her magic wand on your head and made you responsible, more intelligent and sophisticated.


Do you remember as a girl you had your mother’s heels on your feet, crying and screaming that you want to grow up and wear them. Or how you loved to use your mother’s make up and pressing your lips together to get rid of the extra lipstick, just like your mom used to. And if you’re a guy, do you remember how you looked at your father with those sparkling eyes when he used to shave and wondered when you’ll be able to do the same. If asked now, the same girl has even outgrown her mother’s heels as she is a size larger and the same son who is now tired of the routine shave. Would you do anything to go back to the same age? Would you do anything to be that girl or boy who looked at their parent’s every time you needed something?

Well, if you ask your parents, they would definitely like the older you better than the younger, crying, screaming and pooping anywhere you!


The week before my birthday I was telling every friend of mine, “See, I am 19!” and they used to look at me as if this girl has lost her mind. But I think I used to say it because it was my last week being 19 and I wanted to remain a teenager for a little longer. And then out of the blue *in a way*, I was not a teenager any more, and I know that my parents expect me to act more responsibly, listen to everything they say, do house chores other than obviously studying my ass off so that I could get into a good Post Graduation college! Pheww! Give this girl a break! 

Honestly speaking, I am a late bloomer when it comes to the rebellious stage. As a teen, I never used throw tantrums (okay… maybe sometimes), or talk rudely to my parents. But in the last 2-3 years, I have turned exactly the opposite of that. I do whatever I feel like, punched a guy in school, became an extrovert in college and God knows what else I am going to come across in the next 5 years.


That sudden realization of not being a teenager is weird. You are happy that the next year you’ll able to drink legally in USA, well for India, there are still 5 more years left and at the same time you kind of freak out by seeing a big 20 written on your birthday cake.


Well, obviously time waits for no one and growing old is inevitable but what growing up is in your hands and no matter what others say (like, a younger sister who mocks you every time), just do your own thing.



PS: I love heels 😉



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