6 Effective Workouts

We all suffer from weight problems at least once in our lives, I’ve been struggling with it since last seven years. In these years I blamed it on the hormones and kept on eating all the stuff I wanted to. But when that puberty period made an exit, I was still the same; actually, I had aggravated it. I was asked more than twice by my parents to start working out as it’d be difficult to do so once I grow up and here I am almost done with my teenage years and regretting not doing anything while I had the time. But it’s never too late; and so I started my workout sessions again! (Yes, again! As I had tried and given up many times.) But this time I am determined and it’s so good when you see the results.

So, whether you are struggling with weight gain problems or just want to tone your body and make it look perfect, here are six effective workouts that will change your body.

1. Jumping Rope


This is one of the best cardio workouts you could do to lose that extra fat. If you think that jumping rope is what you only do in your childhood, then you are highly mistaken! This particular workout works on your entire body, while jumping a rope our heart rate increases which helps in burning a lot of calories. You work your arms, legs and what not. Just make sure you use right size of the rope and jump enough to slide the rope beneath your feet.


2. Swimming

Young Girl Swimming Underwater

I am a swimming lover! This summer I have joined swimming at a club and believe me, you feel it. You feel your heart rate increasing and your lungs aching for air; I just love that feeling. For a swim lover, this is the best workout as you are literally working each and every part of your body.


3. Squats

This is one of the strength training exercises. Even though they are a tad difficult to perform in the beginning, once you are in a habit they’ll be the most easiest of all the exercises. Personally, I love doing squats because I know I’m working out that butt of mine which is in a habit of sitting quite a few hours a day. Squats work out your glutes, calves, thighs (basically your legs) and abdomen. You’ll know how strenuous they are when you will die to take a deep breath.
If you want to burn more calories while doing squats, use weights or shift to jump squats.
But do not get all excited and perform 40 on your first day because I guarantee you won’t be able to walk for at least a week. Been there done that!


4. Lunges


These are another type of strength training exercise. In lunges, you work your legs and glutes. Make sure to perform equal number of lunges for each leg. For more benefits, you can add weight while doing lunges too.


5. Push Ups


Honestly, I don’t like doing push ups because they are really difficult. (That’s why I’m still stuck at half push ups.) But when done correctly, they can really change your body for the good. Watch videos so that you don’t end up hurting your back.


6. Running


You love hearing the vein thudding in your temples? Love the way how your heart gets pumping? This is the exercise for you then! Make those earphones to some use and hit nice rock songs which will force you to run more and more.


Tips for a successful workout:

– Set a goal
– Make a Weight loss buddy
– Do not give up, give yourself weekly motivation
– Burn more calories than you eat. It does not mean that you start consuming less calories as it is not good for your health (Been there, done that!)
– Track what you eat

– Do a 5-10 minute warm up so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. Also, don’t forget to cool your body down after the workout. Cool down is as important as a warm up.


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