What is Culture?

*This article is a Satire*

Culture means women clad in veils without their will,

Culture is getting a woman married at the age of 21; without letting her stand on her own feet.

Culture is letting boys do anything they want,
Culture is not letting girls do anything they want.

Culture is succumbing to the words, “Log kya kahenge?” (What will people say?),
Culture is paying a man for marrying a woman,

Culture is where politicians’ opinion is to ban so called sex education,
Culture is where fidelity will help in prevention of AIDS,

Culture is letting a guy get away with rape;
And blaming chowmein, cellphones and jeans for it.

Culture is not letting a girl go out in jeans or skirts,
Culture is burning a woman for dowry,
Culture is asking girls not to be with a man;
And then asking them to sleep with a stranger.

Culture is not letting youngsters have a say,
Culture is sacrificing your dreams for your parents’ happiness,
Culture is silently facing the wrath of ill-doers


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