The Saga of ‘Soaps’

The Saga of ‘Soaps’

Cannot be more true!
Cannot be more true!

The Indian Television is home to various daily soaps, so many that you couldn’t even remember their names. We have a hundred channels and triple the number of shows. Everyday, all the aunties and uncles sit down in front of their television sets with a sparkle in their eyes from seven in the evening till eleven at night (Yes, uncles watch soaps too!). After every half an hour the channels are changed; if the uncle watches Ek Hasina Thi, the aunty will watch Rangrasiya. The same story takes place in almost each and every household!


Most of the shows that are broadcast in India consists of the cliched Saas-Bahu (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) wars where the saas smirks in a creepy manner when she does something to make her bahu feel pathetic and the poor bahu cries during the entire half an hour. The stories are same, the characters are almost similar, the plot is distasteful in every damn show and the antagonist spends each and every moment of their fucking life to make sinister plans! My question is, why watch so many soaps? People got to fill their stomachs with one as everything is so damn similar!

But we Indians cannot help it. We are so much in love with all the masala and bitchiness that a day would come where people will eat popcorns while watching these sick daily soaps. Well, there are three types of people who watch these soaps:


1. The Serious Ones

The people in this category actually love the serials and watch it with more enthusiasm than that of a Football fan. (Yes, it’s FIFA season, I GOTTA mention football!!). These kind of people feel each and every emotion that the character they feel close to does. And if you disturb them, it’s your bad!


2. The ‘I don’t give a fuck’ Ones

Now, this species watch daily soaps just for the heck of it! They love to make fun of the characters, the plot, the dialogs and how the bahus get up from the bed totally fresh and caked with make up. These people hate the show but love it at the same time as it’s a source of their entertainment; they gotta watch it on daily basis like a drug addict!

3. The ‘get me outta here’ Ones

Honestly, I feel sad for this category as they are forced to sit with their parents and watch all those awful shows, with tears just this close to come out of their eyes. They are made to sit on the basis of ‘family time’. Poor creatures!



Now to the serious part. We say that India is a developing country but don’t you think that the daily soaps play an important role in the development of a nation too? The daily soaps that Indians watch are just taking this country a hundred years back. The woman of the shows are shown behind a veil, crying all the time and suffering the ruthlessness of either the saas, husbands or mistresses. In short, these shows give all the possible tips of how to torture your daughter-in-law.


My professors and parents used to tell me that back in the 80s, they used to have shows where women were seen going to work in jeans and tops and the shows used to be really broad minded. But the shows that are telecast now are just filling its viewers’ minds with sheer and utter shit! And if the shows aren’t shit, they are usually copied and are mostly shitier.
Now, the shitiness of the India daily soaps are the main reason why the youngsters are moving towards American shows. Because honestly, nothing can compare Sherlock or Breaking Bad or House or Homeland or Game of Thrones with the shows like Saathiya or Diya aur baati ham or some other half hour shit fest.


The Indian Television needs to improve a LOT on plot, characters and everything else. Indians’ minds are fed with the most smelliest poop and the producers need to get their minds outta the gutter. It’s high time for that!


The Ideal Saas
The Ideal Saas

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