Those Were the Days

Those Were the Days


Just deal with it people, cartoons now a days are nothing but a shit fest. This generation spends time watching ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’, ‘Shinchan’, ‘Doraemon’ and many other cartoons which honestly doesn’t contain any kind of meaning or sense, whatsoever.

Only a 90s kid would know what were the cartoons like. We had some amazing cartoons of all times and our parents didn’t even mind us watching them. But now a days parents are forbidding their kids to watch shows like Shinchan. And why not? What would the kids learn anyway by watching a five year old hitting on his own teacher?
Today’s cartoons are the main reason why we find majority of 5 year old or 6 year olds spending ‘quality’ time on their parents’ laptops and cellphones.


We 90s kids would watch shows like The Flinststones, The Jetsons, Tom and Jerry, Pokemon; the list is endless. I still remember sitting in front of the television with the remote in my hand and sparkle in my eyes. A new Pokemon episode excited me to no extent; with Ash fighting off the silly pair ‘Jesse and James’.
Those were the days where we used to be so damn excited to watch the 3pm Powerpuff Girls after school. Our schedules we set, nobody would dare to disturb us till 5:30 pm, not even our parents.


It saddens me to see that the kids now watch ‘Chota Bheem’ with the same enthusiasm. What has the world come to! Don’t they realize that whatever shit they are watching is eating away their brain cells?

Well, Popeye easily embedded deep inside each and every child’s brain that Spinach is the thing to eat if you need energy. What does Oggy and the Cockroaches teach us? how to be a fool?!


I believe it’s a cry for some change in the cartoon channels. If they can’t come up with new and nice ideas then why don’t they broadcast old shows again? At least they are way much better then these nonsense cartoons.


I read somewhere that “the only thing wrong with this generation is that the cartoons suck” and I wholeheartedly agree with this quote. I hope the cartoons are saved, Hannah-Barbara kind of shows are back so that we could come across an intelligent next generation!


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