When Change Becomes a Necessity!

We are proud to be Indians, aren’t we? We are proud of our culture, we are attached to our roots; we have more Gods than we could count and more languages than we could speak.


We are for sure attached to our roots but we claim to be modern too. But the question is, what does ‘modern’ means to our society?


We live in a confused society, to be honest. Each and every person is suffering from bipolar syndrome. On one hand we are allowing our daughters to wear what they feel like, letting them study whichever course they want to and on the other hand we are getting them married without their will and even before they can even stand on their feet.


We live in a society where women are looked upon as a piece of meat, a sex object, a slave and a birth machine. Women are burnt to death after marriage by the greedy assholes they call ‘in-laws’, are expected to give birth to a son. It is sad to see that many families consider giving birth to a girl as a sin even though we live in the 21st century. How ironic!
People say that they get ‘relief’ after having a boy, after all he would be the successor, an heir of the family. (We’ll see what kind of a relief they get when the same boy will demand his share of the property. Oh wait, then the blame would be put on his wife as their son is pure as gold, isn’t it?)

India is known to be a ‘secular’ country; it doesn’t only consist of Hindus but Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and people of other casts and communities. It is a huge country and during our lifetimes we meet a hell lot of people and become friends with many without caring about what community or caste they belong to. But, our society expects us to fall in love and marry people of our community and religion. We live in the 21st century but still a Hindu marrying a Muslim is considered as a taboo.
Why? Why our society is so sick minded? Why are we busy creating stereotypes?


There are many families in our society which keep their daughters from going out of the house; becoming friends with boys is considered unethical. If these families were so concerned about their daughter’s friends, why did they enroll her in a co-ed institution in the first place? Just keep them in their rooms and don’t let them go out of the house, don’t even educate them, isn’t it better, dear society?


“We want a girl who knows how to cook, clean and basically knows how to do all the household work. And yes, we want her to be a dedicated housewife. We want a non-working girl.”

Dear potential in-laws, why don’t you just hire a maid?
What these kind of people don’t understand is, that working is not just about the money, it’s also about being self-Independent. But again, these kind of people have thick brains, or no brains at all!


Our society is the one who believes very strongly in their religion, God and culture. But turning so blind in your religion while harming others is of no good use, is it?


We have many problems in our society which needs to be worked upon. The change has become a necessity and it has to happen , whether now or a few years later,
What I feel sad about our society is no matter how ‘modern and cool’ they claim to be, they’re far from it. Modernity doesn’t come from wearing shirts, shorts and jeans or from low cut blouses, it comes from our mindset and brain. In our society, patriarchy takes place in the form of ‘culture’ which sickens me to no extent.


Yes, changes will be made, a new generation will come up which will break all the norms and barriers, for the good. These changes are going to take their own sweet time, but it will happen for sure and that is known as ‘evolution.’


In no time there will be an era where women are respected, where marrying people from other communities will not be considered as a taboo and where one’s decision to marry whom and when will be obliged.


But don’t just sit and wait for the changes to happen on its own. Think for yourselves, ponder upon these things, broaden your horizons and become a part of that change.


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