Things to do this Summer

Things to do this Summer


Beautiful summers are here! Well, if you live in India, summers are anything but beautiful. Those extremely hot sun rays making you blind if you step out of the house without your sunglasses, the loo which makes you cry and your body to sweat and that craving for entering into Air Conditioned malls. Yes, Summers are finally here! (And I am not at all enthusiastic about it)

But, summers need not be so hard on you if you spend some time doing things you love. For example, I am going for swimming in the morning now a days. To be honest, I am a swimming lover and when I stepped into a pool after five years, I felt like crying out of happiness…

I have a list of a few things you can do this summer and make it less boring:


1. Get up Early

I know, I know, why on Earth any sane person would want to get up early in the summers? That too when you have vacations! But believe me, watching the streets so quiet and having that cup of coffee while the weather is still cool, is beyond explanation.


2. Go for a Walk

Put on those shoes which have been crying for your attention since last few months, maybe years. Go for a morning walk or an evening one (I would suggest a morning one as evenings are hot too, but whatever floats your boat).
PS: Ditch those earphones!


3. Bake Something

I love baking! You just get that amazing feeling when you realize that something you cooked could smell so delicious. Moreover, it will help your stomach to stay calm and relax and then you can say, “F*ck you Summer, I got food” (Does that even make sense??)
So, take out your mom’s or grandma’s recipe books, bake loads of things and satisfy your sweet tooth.


4. Swim

It had to be on my list!
Swimming is literally the BEST exercise ever! Even though I have quite a lot of rashes on my body (thanks to the chlorine), I still make sure to get that 45 minute of exercise everyday.
If you don’t know how to swim, go and learn. It is said that an hour long swim can help burn 500 calories. Are you still thinking now?


5. Watch Movies

Who doesn’t love to watch movies? Bring your friends over and have a movie marathon. I plan on doing a Disney Movie marathon pretty soon. You’re never too old for Disney movies, are you?


6. Go on a Vacation

Whether you love beaches or Mountains, just pack your bags and go for a vacation. Visit a new place, do adventurous things or read a novel on the beach


These were just some of the things I suggested. But enjoy your summers to your heart’s content; go for shopping, exercise, eat, sleep, dance, do whatever you love.

Happy Summers!



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