A Walking Miracle

A Walking Miracle



Mom, mother, mamma, ma, mummy, mommy; different languages, different ways of calling her. She is an epitome of strength, courage, miracle and love. She is a mother. She is the sweetest, craziest and the most loving creature in the whole wide world. A mother is the only human with so many characters inside her. She is your best friend, sister, brother and sometimes even father.


A mother endures so much pain while giving birth but once she cradles her new born, all the pain is forgotten. Your first word, first step, first birthday, you had her wrapped around your fingers, still have. She is there at your beck and call. She is that human being which rarely complains, but when she does, she will make your life hell, only to make your life a better place. She has gratitude, patience but anger too. You ask her something and she will do her best to make your wish come true. But other than pampering her kids, she is strict too. Since you were born, she nurtured you, fed you, played with you, woke up the whole night just because you were crying, you were her entire world. She was there to guide you when you had your first boyfriend or girlfriend, first job, first heartbreak.


Besides your best friend, you share every personal detail with your mother. You told her about the time you secretly went to a night club, your n number of crushes and what not! A mother is the first best friend any person can get and honestly, we all are blessed to have such kind of a relationship with our mothers. Even after marriage, when a girl has to cook something and doesn’t know the recipe, the first person that comes to her mind is her mother.


She is the unsaid boss of the house, even your dad can’t say a word against anything in her presence. She cooks everything you want to eat, even with that burning back ache of hers. She is no less than magician, you ask her what you want, and lo and behold, you get it on a platter.


Most of us take our mothers for granted because we think she is there so we don’t have to worry about anything. But she is that creature that deserves every bit of love and care; more than anyone else.
Go, give your mom a peck on the cheek, cook her something, even a cup of tea will do. But make sure she is loved throughout her lifetime, not once in a year…


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