Dos and Donts of driving with your dad!

We all know how possessive the male species are about their cars. Since childhood, they read all kinds of cars magazines, play with toy cars all the time and when they grow up, they are just not ready to part with them. Guys think about a lot of things while buying a car, we all do but men belong to some whole another category when it comes to their toys.

And when they finally get a car, it is treated like their own baby and a hell lot of time and water is wasted when it is cleaned. When anybody else wants them to drive their car/bike, they are like, “Umm, it’s new man, you wont know how lightly to press the accelerator and all.”, and some guys are blunt: “You don’t know how to drive properly and it’s my baby!”

Now, irrespective of whether you’re a girl or a boy and have years or months of driving experience, your dads will surely make driving one helluva experience.


Dos when your dad is sitting in the passenger’s seat and you’re driving

1. Even if you are driving in the correct lane and your dad asks you to drive in another, just do it.
2. When your dad asks you to change the gear even when you think it’s not necessary, just do it. It will help you in the long run.
3. When you are REPEATEDLY asked about in which gear are you driving, just tell him.
4. When he gives you some advice, just nod.

5. Be patient! Your ride will be over soon and your ears will be just fine.



1. When he asks you about the gear your car is in and you answer him, you can expect a sentence, which is “Not possible” (at least my dad says so). Do not reply. I usually take a deep breath and shake my head.
2. Never, I repeat NEVER argue with him when it comes to route sense. He is older than you and he knows way much better about the roads.
3. When he asks you to speed up and overtake some other car, dont argue. Just speed up. Maybe he is trying to teach you more techniques.


I have had my share of experiences with my father. If you think I have missed some dos and donts, so comment below.

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