And it’s a Wrap Folks! Or Was it a Joke?

*Contain Spoilers*


Most of you must be aware of the much hyped How I met Your Mother’s series finale. Many of you may have found the two-part finale as disappointing (thinking of how you wasted nine years of your precious life), okayish or didn’t give a shit at all! Well, I am not the one to fuss over TV show’s endings, actually I was just staring open mouthed at my laptop’s screen when Walter White from Breaking Bad died (That was my only reaction). But there was something (more than a few things actually) which bugged me a lot in HIMYM.


I confess, I was pretty heartbroken , even though I didn’t watch half of the last season. It just didn’t get to me, you know! I was so happy that Ted ended up with the mom and had two kids and married her after so many years. But then, she was suddenly ripped off the picture. And this was pretty devastating.
And this wasn’t the only thing which bugged me. I thought that both the parts were rushed as they kept on moving year to year like the speed of light.


Then comes Robin. I mean the writers had spent seasons about how Robin and Ted do not belong together, yet the end was totally opposite.
They should’ve just stuck with the mom. I completely agree that life doesn’t always have happy endings, which was why if they had decided to mirror reality and left it with the mother on the hospital bed, I would’ve been fine with it. It would’ve been a bittersweet and heartbreaking way to end the story but I could have lived with it.


But no, they had to turn the story around, make it come round a full circle, back to where Ted first began. It’s not that I hate robin, I’ve just never bought the ship, ever since Ted asked her if she loved him and she flat out said no.


Also, how could a person go back to his old ways just after his divorce? It was quite unnatural of barney to go back to his playboy ways just after splitting up from Robin. They spent a whole f*cking season around Barney and Robin and in just a short span of time, it ended! Just like that.
Yes, the moment between Barney and Ellie was amazing, we needed that, BARNEY needed that!! Honestly, I had tears in my eyes when I saw that and it was quite magical.


I have seen many tweets saying how the fans are disappointed and want to hunt Bays and Thomas and how the finale was such a disappointment.
A lot of the ending of HIMYM doesn’t make sense. I don’t expect Tracy and Ted to kiss in a ridiculously cheesy fashion and have the credits roll right after, but all I expected was that Bays and Thomas would at least provide reasons for the characters to behave the way they did.
The whole night I had the finale on my mind but by the next day I was over it. As I said I don’t fuss about the endings but I had to let these things out of my system. All I want to remember about are the moments between these five friends, basically anything before season 9. Let us not ruin those eight seasons just because of a bad ending…


Well, to make you guys feel better, see this.

HIMYM isnt the only one with a bad ending!





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