Simple Yet Chic: Hair Styles for Oily Hair

‘Bad hair day’ is a sentence we women speak more than we would like to. There are days for us when we just don’t have time to wash our precious tresses and when they are not taken care of, they turn out to be greasy. An oily scalp is beyond irritating, so here are some chic yet simple hairstyles when you don’t have enough time to wash them, after all everyday couldn’t be a bad hair day.


  • Pony-Tails


You can even add some twists to the ‘ole’ school’ pony-tails. You can divide your hair in two sections i.e. front and back. Neatly comb the back portion and tie your hair in the form of a classic pony-tail and you can make a puff from the front and hold them in place through hair pins.


  • Top Knots


Girls, messy is in! and it has become popular now a days. Just grab your hair and tie them in a knot, like that of a bun at the top of your head, and there you go.

You can even try messy buns. Make a bun (high, low or sideways).


  • Braids

Braid buns Alexander Wang - Backstage - Spring 2010 MBFW

Now who said that the braids have to be boring? Let me tell you, braids are NEVER out of fashion. You can make a braid in any manner you want, be it a side braid, french braid or whatever. Also, you can do a braid bun if you want to be a bit more stylish. Personally, side braid is my favorite. Whenever my hair is unwashed or oily I make a side braid.


  • Hair Twists

haor twists

It is the simplest and least time consuming of all the hairstyles. What you have to do is, take a bunch of hair and twist them around your fingers and pin them up. It is as simple as that.


Jazz them up with your hair accessories and make your beautiful mane look more beautiful.





Well, WordPress just notified me that it’s been an year since I started this blog. So, thanks a lot to WordPress, people who liked my posts, my followers and also thanks to the silent readers.


– Lazy Writer


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