10 Misconceptions about Indians

I have been thinking of writing on this topic for quite a while; it has been in my head since forever and finally today is the day. There are many things that annoy me regarding what people of other countries think of Indians. I have come across many people online or in general who have a lot of misconceptions about Indians, be it food, lifestyle, thinking and what not.

  • Everyone is a Hindu

Not at all! India is country where people of all religions live. Not only Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc. are a part of this country too.

  • All Indians are Vegetarians or Yoga practitioners

No again. Many Indians are the ones who eat chicken, fish, prawn, beef and what not. Even, I am a non-veg lover. Also, all of us do not watch Shilpa Shetty’s or Bipasha Basu’s power yoga videos.

  • Everyone is Orthodox

Move on people! All of us are not of old school thinking, you’ll be surprised to know how much Indians have modernized and how much their beliefs and thinking have been changed. Honestly, you’ll find many atheists and agnostics now a days.

  • Curry is the sole thing we eat

My advice to those who think this: grow up people. India is a place where each state has its own variety of food, and is famous for that. We don’t eat curry three times a day, no one has the will! Also, a hell lot of spices are not added in our food, we are humans too!

  • Indians are all poor

I mean, honestly? From where did people get that? If all Indians were poor, then from where did Tata’s, Birla’s or Ambani’s come from?

  • Our lives are similar to how it is depicted in Bollywood

Give me a break, will you? Bollywood has a tendency to exaggerate stuff, actually that is the only thing it does. The life shown in Bollywood is all dreamy, almost non-existent; while in the real life, you have to work your ass off, even if it is just to get a girl!

  • Indians speak in an ‘Indian’ accent

If you think that Indians speak in accent which is shown in most of the sitcoms, then you are terribly wrong. I don’t think Indians have any kind of accent in particular, they speak normally.

  • We speak in an Indian language

First of all tell me that what the hell is an ‘Indian language’? It is no more a language than is ‘American’. Also, we all don’t speak hindi/English . Infact, many people in this country don’t even understand hindi and vice versa.

  • Buddhism was born in India

Actually, Gautam Buddha was born in the present day Nepal. So, it means that Buddhism was born in Nepal too, not India.

  • India is crowded and full of traffic

There are many open, wide places in India as well. Nor every road is narrow and neither ten people are stuffed inside a small house.

What I think is, we all should broaden our horizons and stop being judgmental. We can’t make any kind of statement about anybody just by sitting in front of the idiot box. We got to see it ourselves as to what other people are like, their culture, thinking, etc. Creating a stereotype is easy but listening to all those things against you isn’t.

I hope that I have cleared many misconceptions about Indians in this particular post…


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