Queen : A Journey of Self Discovery

*May or may not contain spoilers*

Genre : Drama

Cast : Kangana Ranaut,
Rajkumar Rao

Director : Vikas Bahl

Queen revolves around an innocent young girl who is about to be married but soon tragedy strikes two days before when the groom cancels the wedding. The main protagonist of the movie is Kangana Ranaut who has apparently done a brilliant job in portraying the character of Rani.

Queen - movie

The movie starts with a typical Bollywood set where people are enjoying and getting things ready for the wedding. The emotions, the dialogs and almost everything is pretty much raw and subtle. After she is left broken and shattered because of her groom-to-be, rani decides to go on her ‘honeymoon’ all alone. Countries away, Rani is seen struggling with the language, food and surroundings. But every movie needs a supporting character, and here this role is played by Lisa Haydon. She is a half Indian and half European woman living in Paris and her name is ‘Vijaylaksmi’ (the irony is not lost on me, you’ll know why!) She saves her from the cops and helps Rani during the stay.

Soon, Rani starts to open up and becomes good friend’s with Vijaylakshmi. She has the time of her life with Vijaylakshmi but soon, they part ways as Rani aka Queen has to leave for Amsterdam. It comes as a shock for her when she gets to know that she has to share the room with three guys. After some hesitation from her part, all four of them become good friends.

Rani roams around the city with these three guys and somewhere in the way she realizes that she does not belong with a selfish man. When she comes back to Delhi, Rani breaks off the engagement with her fiance and while she leaves his house, you can see the smart and confident woman that she has become.

There are many witty dialogs and scenes in the movie. There is one part where she innocently buys stuff for her family from a sex shop and you couldn’t help but laugh your ass off. Honestly, I have never liked Kangana Ranaut because she usually plays a broken and eccentric character in most of the movies. But this movie in particular has changed my mind about her. She played this role with such simplicity nuance that you couldn’t help but appraise her about it. Also, Rajkumar Rao who plays her fiance, is a very fine actor. Even though he has small bits in the movie, he has done a marvelous job.

I am not the one to watch Bollywood movies, but this one just clicked and I had to watch it. There are many small things in the movie which conveys a lot to the audience. These simple and subtle things make this movie a great one. It is a must watch and I’m sure everybody else will enjoy it like I did.

[Image Source:www.india.com]


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