For everything that you are, life is better WITH you : International Women’s Day


“You’ve got everything to take the world in your stride”

What is a woman? A human? A creature? A daughter, a mother, a wife? The answer to this is not easy to find because she is more than that. Every woman means something or the other to each individual. Centuries have passed and she has been treated as a property, a slave, a meager thing and a burden. But slowly, a woman is rising above all; demanding the rights she deserves and from being a home maker, to a decision maker.

Every woman is unique, special and beautiful in her own way. Her little flaws are what makes her extraordinary and different from others. She is not perfect, yet the most perfect creature God ever created. She was created by God just like a man, then why should she be sat apart and made to endure all the pain and differentiation inflicted on her.
But the era now is changing which makes the society see a woman differently; that she is not only made for taking care of the household or popping up children, but also as an individual.

A woman goes through a lot of phases in her life; from a daughter, to a wife and mother. She plays a variety of roles and respects all of them. A woman is sensitive, may fight with you for no reason in particular, may act clingy and possessive, cry one minute and in the other, she will act like nothing ever happened. Yes, she is insane, happy, beautiful, but she will do anything you want her to; even sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of others.

She may be physically weak but believe it or not, she is the one who expresses her feelings more than men will ever do. She is a bunch of emotions and feelings, and that is what makes her a woman.

Here are a few ways to thank the woman who inspires you :

Tell her how important she is to you
For me, it is my mom. Give her a hand written letter or write a nice long email thanking her for whatever she has done for you and tell her how much you love her.

Clean the house
If you want one day without any scolding from your mother as to why you haven’t cleaned your room, take this as a chance to clean the whole house.

Think of a nice gift
If you think that there’s something your mother loves or would like to have it, gift it to her.

Cook Food
Or at least help her in cooking. She will be very grateful.

Don’t do these things just for getting her appreciation, do this just because you want to decrease her burden and let action speaks louder than words; that you love her.

At last, Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful women out there, you are extraordinary and don’t let anyone let you down.

“You educate one man, you educate a man,
you educate a woman, you educate a whole GENERATION.”

-Brigham Young


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