A Unique Kind of Love : Her (Movie Review)

*May or may not contain spoilers*

Genre : Romance, Science Fiction

Cast : Joaquin Phoenix,
Amy Adams,
Rooney Mara,
Chris Pratt,
Olivia Wilde and;
Scarlett Johansson

Director : Spike Jonze

Her revolves around a lonely and sensitive writer Theodore Twombly, who is dealing with an impending divorce. The movie is set in the near-future Los Angeles where technology has advanced to a great extent, and our tech geek protagonist cannot help but buy the World’s first artificially intelligent Operating System.

He installs the OS and meets his new companion Samantha, who is designed to organize Theodore’s life. Samantha is not any typical mechanical voiced Operating System, rather, she is programmed with feelings and made to evolve with experience, just like humans. Soon, Samantha starts to sort out Theodore’s life and gives him advice regarding the divorce and to start dating again. And it is not long after, when Theodore starts falling in love with his Operating System and she, with him.

This kind of ‘love’ will affect their lives in a way they cannot imagine and feel the emotions they never have.

Theodore with Samantha (Scarlet Johansson) on the beach
Theodore with Samantha (Scarlet Johansson) on the beach

The story may have been set in a science fiction manner, but the main theme of the movie is romance. The emotions felt by the characters in the movie are perfect; Joaquin Phoenix does not outdo his role even for a second. He keeps the character grounded i.e simple and subtle, even though their is a lot to him. Amy Adams plays an ex affair, friend and neighbor to Theodore. She doesn’t have much of a role but she has done a great job. Rooney Mara plays his estranged wife and Olivia Wilde, a blind date. These two ladies have short and uncomfortable scenes with the protagonist but are surely strong performers.
Her has a star studded cast, but I am not complaining. They all are wonderful actors and yet again, they have shown perfection.

With Olivia Wilde
With Olivia Wilde
With Rooney Mara
With Rooney Mara

Scarlett Johansson has done a marvelous job in voicing Samantha. She brings life and ample of emotions to the character, even though it is just a voice on a computer. The relationship between them seems to be so real, as if Samantha is there with Theodore, feeling the love and pain one suffers in a relationship. She did as the script demanded; to act like a human. She definitely has done justice to the character.

Jonze, who has also written the screenplay, visualized the world as a better place in the near-future. Maybe, because the way Her was perceived by the director, it makes us believe that this kind of technological advancement may occur in the future. It’s neither a dystopia or utopia.
Warm colors have been used in most of the scenes maybe because, the director didn’t want us to think that the future is all cold and solitary.

What I found funny in the movie was, even though the world has progressed technologically, they have taken a step back in fashion as the high waist pants are back. The ironical part is that Theodore works in a company named ‘Beautiful handwritten letters’, which by the way are written in various hand writings. It may be a way to tell the audiences that, writing would be considered ‘old school’ once the advancement takes place.
The story is almost flawless, there is no choppy editing as the scenes change smoothly.


When I first read the synopsis I thought that what kind of movie is this? A human falling in love with a computer; but it is nothing like it. It is so real that you’ll believe everything to be normal.
Go, do watch the movie if you haven’t till now. Experience the non-traditional and a unique kind of love. It’s obvious that you’ll love the movie.

[Image Source: agoodmovietowatch.com]



    1. Hey there! Thanks a lot for reading and liking the review, it was my first attempt!
      Sure, I will definitely read your review 🙂

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